Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Sunday, 12 noon

The past couple of weeks have been wonderful up until this past Wednesday. Alison was able to spend time with friends and family-we were able to spend time with friends and family. A glimpse of a "normal" life had begun to return. Doctor's visits had all been quite positive, some adjusting with medications but overall very positive. Mom returned to work this past Monday and dad started his leave from work to take the lead in overseeing Alison's medical care. It was tough for mom to "leave" Alison but knew she was leaving her in good hands. Alison actually felt that she was at a point where she would be fine on her own, but mom and dad were lagging a bit behind her on that idea. Unfortunately, Alison started to not feel well this past Wednesday. She feels it is her Crohn's Disease rearing its "ugly head". We have been in contact with the doctors and adjusting her steroids and pain medications. She has been able to get a little relief for brief periods but overall has been in considerable pain. Please pray that her pain subsides and that this doesn't advance into anything more serious.

Although she was not feeling well, Alison really wanted to go forth with our holiday "get together" with John and his family. She rested most of the day yesterday and was finally able to join us for part of the evening. Despite, feeling sad that Alison couldn't fully participate in the evening, it was wonderful to have our families spend time together. We were finally able to meet Aunt Rose, she is very special to John's family and we could immediately see why-for us, again another, immediate connection-what a lovely woman-we are thrilled to now have Aunt Rose in our family. We truly feel blessed that God brought John's family into our lives and can't wait until our next opportunity to connect-hopefully, with Alison in "full force".

Well, both John and Alison are hoping to start classes on Tuesday. John has been busy making up all that he missed last semester. We know this has been a lot of work for him over his break. He, of course, has not complained but we want him to know that we are aware of and appreciate how challenging this must have been during a time when many college students are able to "take a break". Alison is planning to take one on-line course and a nursing course. Hopefully, we can get this current health challenge under control and she can begin to return to pursuing the nursing career that she is so committed to.

We hope that everyone's start to the new year has been healthy and enjoyable and that you have been able to prioritize time with the important people in your life.

Joe and Karen


  1. I have been looking forward to an update on the Cubbellotti family. The old adage no news is good news went through my mind on many occasion. I'm sorry to hear that Alison is not feeling up to par and I hope that changes for the better soon. I am thrilled though that she is going back to school which I know has been a goal of hers. May 2010 bring health, happiness, and laughter to all involved.
    Sending lots of prayers and hugs,

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