Sunday, April 12, 2009

Out of the Hospital

Wow, it’s been a trip. I’ve definitely learned that everyone’s body is different and will react differently to similar situations. And doctors don’t always know what’s best, they’re assistants and you’re really the guide to your own well-being.
Nonetheless after waiting to go home for a few days they’re letting me go. I want to thank everyone for their support whether it be flowers, messages, or visits. It made the experience a lot more bearable.
So, I didn’t give my sister part of my liver. The doctor really explained it like this: the preliminary tests are only able to confirm 90% estimates and they’re really never know until they open me up. They opened me up and removed my gall bladder, got that blasted thing out of the way, and started to move stuff around and noticed that the main vein supplying blood to my liver was running differently than they anticipated. Using their wisdom and communications with other experienced surgeons across the world they decided to not proceed with the surgery. Hopefully a more appropriate candidate will come forward and we can get my Alison back to normal (whatever that may be ;-))
It’s still weighing on me that I couldn’t be the life giver I could have been for my little sister but I trust the surgeon’s call by not removing the liver. So as I’m sitting here in stitches (literally) there’s still a lot of emotion that I need to deal with and a long path ahead of me to get me up and running (running-hopefully by this summer).
So will definitely still need your support with my two weeks at my parent’s house in recuperation and months of “taking things slow” (I know, very abnormal for me). Again, thank you all for your support and prayers and hope that they will continue while I recover and we find Alison a better donor.
Posted By: Stephen


  1. Stephen we are glad you are home. We are sending you love, thoughts, and prayers from Dallas. You are an amazing human being. We are so glad you are alright.
    Christina, Jason, Abigail, Emma, and Lucas

  2. Get well soon...
    We will keep our fingers crossed for a donor for Alison...
    Hanna, Hayle, Cherie, and Rich

  3. Stephen,

    I enjoy your jokes (stitches, running). I'm glad that even when you've just had major surgery you are still funny and in good spirits. You've finally earned that strawberry donut! Good luck with the rest of your recovery and not going crazy living at home the next two weeks (no offense Cubbellotti family, you know I love you!) :)

    Laura O.

  4. Stephen we are all so happy you are home and they found the cause of your pain and were able to finally help you......You, Alison and your family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers......You are a wonderful brother and human being.....and if I had any problems, I would want you in my corner.....luv, cousin Susan Mickett from Florida

  5. Steve,

    so sorry the transplant couldn't go through as planned but immensely proud of you for your effort and sacrifice and very glad you're home safe and well. i'll keep praying for a solution for Alison; i know God has a path in mind and trust that He felt this wasn't the right one. keep the faith, brother, and we'll get some coffee in a few weeks.


  6. Dear Stephen,
    So So happy that you are home and able to get some rest there. Better for recovery being in your own surroundings. Just to be able to look out the window see the bright sun(when it comes out, hopefully soon), and even to get a breath of fresh air will get you feeling better in no time. Wishing you a quick recovery and all my best to you. We love you.
    Happy Easter to you all. Hope your day was relaxing. The internet was out yesterday for us, That's why I didn't write. Anyways I will talk to your mom later.
    Love Aunt Sandi

  7. Good morning Stephen,
    Very happy that you're home and hoping that everyday you will feel better and stronger for a speedy recovery. Thinking of you all everyday!
    Love you!
    Auntie Robin

  8. Dear Stephen,
    I'm so glad to see you are home. I'm sure having the TLC at home makes a big difference. I'm incredibly proud of you and know there are a lot of people wishing you and Alison well. Keep the faith and I'm sending lots of hugs.

  9. Stephen you are so brave!

    Love from ALF! Marla, JoAnn, Phil...

  10. Stephen,
    So glad to hear you are home. Now you need to take care and get well. Love to you and Alison.
    I say my prayers ever night that God will take care of Alison and I hope that all our Angels put in a good word for her.
    Love you, Aunt Marsh

  11. Pattie, Megan, Ryan and I are pulling for you. We know how draining and painful a period in the hospital can be. You sound very strong and I know you and Stephen will get through this! Our love to all of you.

    John Moore