Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recovery and Potential Donor Update

7:40 p.m. Stephen had a follow-up visit today and we're happy to report that he is doing well. He is still moving a bit slow but is on the road to healing. We are so happy to have him at home with us although we know that he is eager to get back to his life in White Plains.

We are so very touched to report that several potential donors have called Yale's Transplant Center. We are very grateful and feel very blessed to have wonderful people in our lives who would consider giving such an amazing gift. We do want to let everyone know that the Transplant Center cannot give us any information regarding potential donors. All we know is that there have been some contacts made. It is frustrating to not be able to thank those who have called but we honestly do not have any information on just who has called. We certainly respect everyone's right to confidentiality but just wanted to let everyone know that the only information we will know about potential donors will be what the donors themselves share with us.

Although this journey continues, we are very grateful that Stephen will return to health and that Alison's condition has remained "status quo". We thank everyone for your continued support and prayers.

Looking forward to a warm and quiet weekend.

Karen and Joe


  1. Good morning to all,
    Just read the update and so glad to hear that Stephen is feeling better. So nice to know also that there could be some potential donors for Alison. What great news. We will continue to be there for all of you. My support and prayers are always there. Have a good day.
    Love sandi

  2. Hi Karen Joe and family,
    Sandi has kept me updated with all going on. I am glad to hear that Stephen is feeling better and that there are alot of potentials out there for Allison. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all. Just wanted to let you know you are thought about. Happy day to all!