Wednesday, April 8, 2009

slowly but surely

So, here we are. My parents and Aunt Sandi went down to the cafeteria to get some lunch. I am sitting next to Stephen as he drifts in and out of sleep. He is still in pain and is connected to the PCA pump which he can press whenever he feels he needs pain medication. Some good news is that he can now eat solid foods if he wants to and he took a walk with my Dad down the hallway earlier. Walking was a big improvement, so thats good.

The doctors should be coming on rounds at about 3, so we will have more information hopefully around then.

I feel really bad for Stephen, I almost feel like he is in pain for nothing. It is so hard to see him be in pain. I am doing my best to help him with whatever he needs and just be there for him.

I also feel helpless because 1. he is in so much pain and 2. what do we do now? So many family members and even a few friends have gotten tested to be my donor and no one is a match. All we can do now is wait for another gracious, amazing individual to want to get tested.

<3 Alison
As always, thank you for keeping my brother and our family in your prayers.


  1. Our hugs to you all! This must be so hard. Our hearts ache for you and your family, and hope that a good donor comes soon!

  2. Being there today made me feel alot better. Just to see everyone and know that you all were doing better than I had expected was a wonderful feeling. I wish I could take your pain away but I know that can not happen. Hopefully, just being there for you eased some pain. I will continue to be there for all of you. Please, you know me, call me anytime (day or night),and I will be there for you.
    Love Aunt Sandi

  3. Good to hear that Stephen got up today. We are praying for that pain to go away. We are also praying for a donor. Thinking of you all, Lia and Bryan Donahue

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. I can't even imagine your pain. Keep the faith because there is someone out there for Allison, I don't know anyone as brave you, and Stephen you are such an inspiration to everyone.
    God bless all of you.
    Love Cheryl and Mike

  5. Alison, This is Jeff Belmont, I just figured out how to get on this blog -- I think. Reggie and I have been thinking of you & Stephen these past few days, and we feel that better days are coming.
    With love,

  6. I'm a friend of Karen from her years with PATH. I just found your blog. I'm holding you, Stephen and your family in my prayers. We're praying for healing for Stephen and a donor for you.
    Jen Titrud