Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First night home

Wednesday, 6:50 p.m.

So, Alison's first night at home was a bit rocky. She did not sleep well, she just could not get comfortable. Maybe she missed her hospital bed-nahhhhh!!!! She also had a low grade fever, which got us a bit alarmed. I called the transplant service and the doctor on immediately contacted Dr. Emre. We were told that we could give her tylenol and if as long as things did not get worse, we should come in to see Dr. Emre in the morning-ugh! The last thing that Alison wanted to do was go back to Yale today. She no longer had a fever in the morning, so we called and asked if we could wait until our appointment tomorrow. Dr. Emre said that was fine but to watch her very closely. Overall, it was a good day. Alison ate pretty well (for her)-it was so nice for the three of us to sit at the dinner table together. With dogs by our side, it was great! Alison was able to take a shower, walk a bit (around the house that is, she said it was too cold outside-she gets cold very easily), and do her breathing exercises. She was quite tired after her shower and continues to have pain with her back but overall is doing better. John's dad called today, he was so excited for Alison to be home. John is doing well. I was able to take Corbin for a walk with my friend, Sandi. It was wonderful to breathe the fresh air, get some much needed exercise and chat. I think Alison liked the 45 minutes she had to herself-thank goodness for cell phones though.

Well, hopefully tonight will go well. We need to be at Yale bright and early tomorrow for bloodwork and an appointment with Dr. Emre. Hopefully, that is all and we will be home by mid-day. We also have a dear friend who is going in for surgery tommorow, we have no doubt that all will be fine. Please pray that all goes well for everyone.

Much love,
Karen & Joe

P.S. Thanks to many for the "Welcome Home" emails. All the words of joy and encouragment are so heartwarming. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family.

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