Monday, December 21, 2009

It's looking like we will be heading home tomorrow

So, Sunday was fairly uneventful. Alison was free from a headache for the first time. She still does have pain left from the fluid tap and draining but pain medications are helping. She was very tired and mom put a sign on the door in the afternoon, hoping to get her some sleep. Dad worked all through Saturday night and got home late Sunday afternoon-he is exhausted. Mom went home last night. Her back is bothering her-and throwing her back out right now is just not an option.

As of this morning, news is that Alison does not have the toxin of the c-dif bateria-that is really good news. All the other cultures are coming back negative-again, really good news. The transplant team was just in and said that Alison can go home tomorrow-this is great news, however, she will need to be on the antibiotic for at least another week. This will be by IV or with intramuscular injections. This news was very disappointing to Alison as she was given the impression from the Infectious Disease doctor that she wouldn't need antibiotics much pass tomorrow or Wednesday. The transplant team explained that they feel very strongly that with her supressed immune system, a minimum 2 week regimen of antibiotics is critical. Alison is not happy about this but really has not other choice if she wants to go home-and, needless to say, she wants to go home. The discharge plannning nurse is making the necessary contacts to see what is available from a homecare agency. Most likely, mom will need to be trained to give IV medication and/or injection so that she can be a back up if needed. This nursing business is definitely not mom's "cup of tea", but if she just thinks of it as falling under the catagory of "mommy duties", then there is not question that she will be able to handle it -Alison certainly does not get her interest or talents in the medical field from her mother.

Alison is wrapping her Christmas gift right now. This is serving as a bit therapeutic for her as she tries to absorb the next stage of the plan. She is very excited that some of her long time and high school friends are coming tonight for their "secret santa" get together-we know that this will certianly lift her spirits.

On another note, we did just find out that one of our dear friends was just readmitted to the hospital this morning. He had had surgery and now has an infection with fluid around his lung. Please pray that all goes well with him and that his infection,too, will be responsive to antibiotics.

Until tomorrow,
Karen and Joe


  1. Yea!! Glad to hear of the plans to go home. I'm glad the c-diff results come back good.Things seem to be on the right track again.Keeping the prayers coming and sending lots of hugs

  2. Yeah! Keep thinking the positive! Alison, have a great time with your friends tonight and Karen, go home and get some rest.

    Love ya,


  3. Secret Santa was so much fun!!! So glad we all got to see you and that you're well on your way to recovery back home! If I don't see you before christmas have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the warmth of being in a home.. I love you so much and I wish you all the best on your travels home and hopefully you'll stay home! Always in my prayers... all my love

  4. So glad you'll be home for Christmas! Enjoy the magic and the warmth of your family and friends! Always in our thoughts and prayers...Merry Christmas to you and your family...which includes John and his family too!

    xoxo Cindy & Alyssa

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