Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hopefully just a "little" bump in the road

Tuesday, 8:00 p.m.

So, Alison went to the Transplant Clinic for a regular follow-up visit yesterday and left with wonderful reports. Dr. Emre was very pleased with her bloodwork, how she looked and sounded. We left feeling like she's really "turned the corner".

This morning, however, Alison woke up with a fever and headache. We called the clinic and was told to bring her right in. We spent the day at Yale, going for xrays, bloodwork and ultrasounds. All reports looked good. The doctors are a bit baffled-Dr. Emre changed her antibiotic and said that he wants to see her again tomorrow morning. We were thrilled that he was not admitting her to the hospital. We did have a bag packed in the car-just in case. Once home, Alison feel sound asleep. She does have a fever again but as long as she responds to the tylenol, we're "OK" to hold off until tomorrow to go back to Yale. Please pray that she does not get any sicker and that the tylenol will keep her fever under control.

We will update tomorrow.

Joe and Karen


  1. Will say prayers that the tylenol keeps Alison's fever down and goes away completely. Reggie

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