Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday and Saturday update

Saturday, 10:00 p.m.

Friday was fairly uneventful. Alison continued to have pain from the fluid taps, drain and headaches. The pain medication provided temporary relief throughout the day. By late day, Alison was feeling "OK" so mom decided that she would go home. Dad is feeling a bit under the weather, so Alison went "solo" for the night. Mom returned today bearing blueberry and corn muffins (two of Alison's favorites). She also brought gifts, wrapping paper, scissors and tape. Alison wanted to try to get some of her wrapping done. Mom made it from the car looking much like a bag lady. Mom and Alison spent much of the afternoon watching a movie-Just Like Heaven (thanks to Alison's Godfather for Netflix)-Elf then came on television (one of Alison's favorites, definitely not one of mom's). It was a bit normalizing though-watching movies in anticipation of a snow storm. The nurse told us tonight that Alison now has c-dif-this is another bacteria-ugh!!! They just started the antibiotic to combat that one. Let's hope we can get that under control as quickly as possible. Jen is sleeping at home tonight to take care of the dogs while dad is out in the storm, he's not feeling well and mom is worried about him working through the night. He knows work need him though-he assures us that he'll be fine.

Jen called to tell us that some of our neighbors had decorated our house with a beautiful wreath and lights. Jen sent us a picture-oh my gosh-our house and yard look like a winter wonderland-many, many thanks to the Pulie's and Essary's-we are just so very touched.

Alison texted John tonight-"Happy two months"-it doesn't seem possible but it's two months today since Alison had the transplant. So much has happened-we are so grateful that John is now doing well and that Alison's new liver from John is making itself right at home. Because it has been such a rough road, we worry that John has not been able to see how invaluable his gift to Alison is. Dr. Emre recently told us that Alison probably had two months to live-well, it's two months today. It is so hard for us to wrap our minds around this thought but we want John to know that Alison would not be with us today if it were not for him. He has truly given her the gift of life. We hope he knows, not only how appreciative we are to him, but also how much we love him. He is so very special to us.

With love and gratitude,
The Cubbellotti's

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  1. You guys have been through hell and back a couple of times now. Everyone I know is praying for all this to end soon. I know we are all grateful for the gift John has given us and this tough time will pass soon. Keep up our spirits and keep your eye on the prize! Love you.

    Aunt Terri