Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A really nice day

Wednesday, 6:45 p.m.

Alison was able to enjoy a little Christmas decorating yesterday. Her mom was thrilled to unwrap each special item and reminisce with her about who it came from, or what it's significance was. We were able to enjoy dinner at home, at our own table. Alison did sleep in the recliner again last night but actually said that she had a pretty good night's sleep. We headed off to the Transplant Clinic this morning-a bit nervous with the weather, but we made it to New Haven. We went for bloodwork and as mom waited for her, the woman who registers you at the lab and has been seeing Alison for months, couldn't get over how wonderful she sounded and looked. By the time we saw the doctors, Alison's potassium level had come back, it was up a bit higher but the doctors were "OK" with it. We left the clinic within just a couple of hours-that is a record. Alison really wanted to do a little Christmas shopping. We felt it was pretty safe as there are not too many people in the individual stores during the day.(we wouldn't go near a mall at any time right now). She really enjoyed picking out gifts for family and friends. We headed home and a friend from Sacred Heart came to visit and have dinner with us. They are now watching a movie-all is good. The nurse from the clinic just called and said that her prograf (anti-rejection) drug is up a bit. This could be why her potassium is a bit high. We will lessen her dose but this did make Alison very nervous. We will be back up to Yale on Friday and get labs done again. Please pray that all stays within safe limits.

Hope your day was as good as ours.

Joe and Karen


  1. prayers still coming your way - along with lots of hugs. I hope you enjoy a quiet, peaceful day tomorrow.

  2. Yeah!!! What a nice day!! So happy for you all!
    Happy Thursday too!! :)

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