Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

First off, Happy Halloween. I'm a little bummed I had so many complications and I couldn't be home to see all the kids in their costumes. My cousins were going to stop by just so I could see the little ones through the window in their costumes since I can't be around them, but I will just have to settle for pictures (which I better get emailed to me ASAP! hehe) But anyway, I decided to be a big girl and let my mommy go home for the night. She hasn't been home in 2 weeks and has helped me so much with everything, it's almost like she had the surgery. So she went home with dad for the night to sleep in her own bed and shower and just relax. She deserves to have that, and I want to do what is best for her. It is a little weird not having her here as a roommate, it's quiet, but I'm sure I'll be asleep soon and won't realize that I miss her. So today went pretty well, I guess. At the end of each day, I try to think back with what happened and each day just seems to blend into the previous. There is still a lot of swelling in my abdomen and legs which is annoying and uncomfortable. My insicion is leaking a lot of fluid and we kept covering it with gauze and things but it leaked through so fast, faster than normal. Also, the color seemed to change to a more red color so the hematologist (blood doctor) talked with my liver team and decided to stop the blood thinner for today. Since doing that, the fluid is less red and the blood thinner will probably be started tomorrow at a lower dose so that does not happen again. My mom made sure that someone called and spoke directly to my surgeon, Dr. Emre today since he is in Boston at a conference to let him know everything going on. He came up with the idea of putting a bag with a sticky top around the leaking part of the incision to catch the fluid instead of just saturating gauze every half hour, which seems to be working. Keep your fingers crossed please! Also, the doctors have been giving me albumin through my IV which is meant to draw the fluid that is all in my abdomen and legs back into my blood vessels. This is where we want the fluid to go or else it won't leave my body. After I am given albumin, I am then given lasix (the made that dosage higher too) so that helps to get the fluid out of my body. Hopefully this system works and I can finally get some relief from this fluid. I did really well with walking today. I did two consecutive laps, twice today which is the farthest I have ever walked at one time. I did okay with eating and drinking, it is just so hard when you feel full. I drink a lot capri sun which my dad thankfully keeps buying me. Water has just gotten so boring to drink and the juice tastes better and makes me want to drink it so I stay hydrated. Dad taped up all the cards on my wall today that I have gotten over the past two weeks; boy am I loved! you would think I have been in the hospital for 2 months, not 2 weeks! There has to be at least 60 cards on my wall, its awesome to look at! Thank you everyone for sending cards, gifts, thoughts and prayers, it is really appreciated and I love everything. I didn't read the post my mom wrote but if this is already written, its just so cool that I don't mind repeating it; Marla, from ALF, wrote a letter to the cast of House telling them I was a huge fan and about me and everything that I am going/have gone through and they sent me a framed, personalized, autographed picture just from house and a separate autographed picture of the whole cast! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! It's one of my favorite shows and I am sooo excited to have gotten them, such a gift! Thanks again to Marla! I also want to again thank Aunt Sandi, Melissa, and The Jordan family for taking care of my doggies. Since both my parents spend every day, all day up at the hospital with me, it makes us all feel better knowing that they are taken care of and loved. Closing off this blog, I just want to thank everyone for continuing to keep my donor in your throughts and prayers. He and I have definitely had our share of issues since the surgery, but we are both fighters and trying to keep positive spirits through this whole thing. Knowing we have so much support is helpful and he is like a part of my family now, so I appreciate everyone treating him as that. I sent him a little Halloween goodie bag today and yesterday just for fun. He is in the adult section of the hospital which I refuse to be in because I just have more fun in pediatrics so he deserves some fun puzzles and games to keep him entertained, plus he deserves it. I also colored him a picture of a mummy since mummies are all bandaged up and so is he; I thought it was fitting. And of course, I colored out of a coloring book with crayons because I still act like I'm 7. (haha) I wish everyone could meet him; he is such a great kid. He is so nice and sweet and just an overall genuine person. His family is fantastic, too. He told me to stop thanking him for giving me the gift of life, but how can I? He gave me my life back and gave me back to my family. Now I have two birthdays to celebrate, my mom said. My real birthday, and October 19th, the day I got my life back. Well it's late now and I should try and get some sleep. Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night.

Love, Alison


  1. Hope you all had a peaceful night! thinking of you! Bryan and Lia

  2. It is so great to hear from you. You sound like you are feeling much better. Yes, you are a big girl - letting your Mom go home for the night. She defintely needed that. (although I'm wondering how much sleep she did get on her first night away from you!) All kidding aside, Alison, you are far from being a little girl. You are the strongest most courageous young woman I have ever met. Your positive attitude and belief in yourself is amazing to your very sensitive, wuzzie aunt! I'll certainly make you captain of my team if I ever need to.

    You and your most selfless donor are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. So great to see that you are feeling better. Keep on walking and before long you will be taking the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. What you and your amazing donor have gone through deserves great days ahead. Start thinking of what you will be for next halloween when you will be going to parties and celebrating with friends. Know that you have lots and lots of people keeping you (and your donor) in our thoughts and prayers.
    Sending lots of hugs

  4. Alison, John really enjoyed the goody bags you gave him and we hung the cute mummy picture on his board. He wore his Frankenstein tatoo for Halloween (proudly I must say), and I decorated his IV poll, so together we gave him the feeling of Halloween. He also asked me where the candy you gave him went (it was put in his duffle) because he cannot wait till he can eat it. You are just so sweeet and thoughtful and it truly makes his day when your Mom drops by to deliver. I must say it is such a new and inventive way to make friends, this recipient/donor thing. We are so grateful to witness this miracle you two were chosen for. It is something that has certainly changed our lives forever in more ways than you can imagine. THANK YOU, love Doreen