Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you have received the FluMist Vaccine.....

Please not this important information that my niece Amie shared with me:

"It has been documented that the live viruses from the live vaccine can be shed (and potentially spread into the community)from children for up to 21 days, [8] and even longer from adults."

With this information, it is clear that if anyone has received the FluMist (that's the flu vaccine that is administered through the nostril), they should not visit Alison anytime in the near future.

We knosw that the more we can educate ourselves about the risk factors that can effect Alison's suppressed immune system, the stronger our tools of defense can be.

Many thanks, Amie, for this crtical information.

I will update shortly as to the happenings of the day.


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