Saturday, October 24, 2009

A note from Alison

Where do I It actually happened. I have a new liver in me and am alive and doing pretty fantastic. I can hardly believe it, it all seems like a dream to me. And, my liver functions seem to be doing so well! We anticipated more issues because the doctors said that not every transplant is perfect, but come on, have you met me? I AM perfect. (Haha, just kidding). All I keep thinking is that I am so thankful that God brought the donor into my life and I was given the most gernerous and amazing gift of all time; a second chance at life. For a while there, I was extremely keen on giving up because feeling the way I did with all the symptoms that I had was just getting to a point where I honestly just didn't want to live anymore. But with the support of my great friends and amazing family I got through it, and thank God I did. I just hope that my donor is doing as well, if not better than I am feeling. I can't say that things are perfect, but I am even suprising myself with how good I feel. I guess when you go from a point of being so sick, having a such a major surgery like I did, recovering from this almost seems a lot easier (weird...huh?) My donor is constantly in my mind and I just want him to be doing well. Hopefully he finds everyone's prayers comforting to him as we all keep him in our hearts and prayers each and every day.
So...a lot happened today, pretty sweet in my book. Of course, I got woken up at what seemed like the crack of dawn (anything before 1pm to me seems early nowadays) by the doctors who were talking about the future plans. I know my mom posted some things when she wrote on here earlier, but I figure I would updated you all on my own. So since the drain in my side is still draining a good amount, they aren't going to take it out until tomorrow. Also, I know my mom mentioned that I had some bleeding in my intestines, which seems to be slowing down. My blood counts are looking better day to day, so that is great. It is kind of strange how the area over my incision for the most part has no feeling. I can't say I am pain free, 'cause I am not, but right over where they cut is somewhat numb.
Aside from all of that business, I got moved out of the ICU today! It is my first of little "graduations". I also got to eat some substantial food today instead of just jello and nasty chicken broth! I had a little bit of a chicken quesadilla and some cheerios. I am trying to take things slow, I don't want to go overboard just yet. So those two things are pretty awesome, and I can't believe that it has been only about 5 days since I had my surgery and I am able to eat and stuff. I am doing my best to walk around and stay ambulated but it's hard because of how incredibly swollen my legs and lower abdomen are. The doctors say this is completely normal and within a few weeks it should all go down, but oh my gosh, I just can't describe to you how uncomfortable being this swollen is. I feel like I am walking on two tree trunks; it is a very abnormal feeling for me.
Just as I am feeling now, I get tired really quickly. I will be in the middle of doing things and my eyes will just feel very heavy and I feel like I can fall right asleep, and usually do. This is why it is best if people call someone's (mine, my mom's or my dad's) cell phone before you want to come visit so we can judge how tired not only myself but my family is too. I know my mom is exhausted because she is pretty much living this surgery with me as she hasn't even been home once yet. Dad does go home but he is here sooo much too, he only goes home to sleep and make sure the dogs are taken care of (a special thanks to our dog sitters- Melissa, Mrs. Jordan, and Aunt Sandi). Really, my family has just been great. I would not be doing as well as I am without how much they have helped me not only throughtout my life, but right now and recovering. Let me just say that you would be shocked at some of the things your family will do for you in situations like this (my mom knows exactly what I mean.)
Okay, well that is how I am doing at this point in time. I am getting very tired, so I think I'll go take a nap now. It's a challenge to type on this thing, but I'll try more because I know you all want to stay updated. My mom has been doing a phenomenal job at keeping you all updated with how I am doing, so that takes a weight off of my shoulders. Okay, nap time; maybe you will hear from me later if I feel like typing a novel again (haha). I love you all and thank you very much for your continuing thoughts and prayers and keeping myself, my donor, and my family in your hearts. Having such a supportive group of people around means more to us than you could ever imagine.

~Alison <3

PS-Happy Birthday to Grandma Lindwall (I know that she is up in Heaven watching over me right now and keeping me safe)


  1. So happy to see this post is coming from you Cubbs. I pray that you continue to improve each day and your family stays healthy and happy as well. You are a super star, keep it up. Love and miss you so much!

  2. Dear Alison,
    Soooo glad to hear from you. We all have been praying for this day. Glad to hear you are out of ICU. Get plenty of rest and keep moving when you are up to it.
    Just know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers and I hope all goes well for you .
    Best wishes to everyone.
    Love you lots , Aunt Marcia
    ( when you are ready let me know what I can make for you )

  3. Alison- it's so good to hear your "voice"!! And also so glad you were "sprung" from the ICU. We'll continue to ask God to watch over you and your donor. I know Gram's watching over you too! She would be so proud of your bravery in all of this--but not the least bit suprised. Keep hanging tough. Love to you, your mom and dad, Jen and Stephen.--Susan, Joel and crew

  4. If you get this, it will be our second miracle. I've been trying to post a comment for days. Yes, sweetie, Grandma has been right by your side all along. Today, her birthday, she is holding you in her arms and comforting all of this great family of ours. (What a feat!)

    God has been my date most of this week - we've had many encounters. Just got back from Church and thanked him for all his blessings this past week.

    I will continue to pray for your continued progress and that of your selfless donor. If we do get to meet him some day, we will truly be honored.

    Love to Mom, Dad, Stephen and Jen.

    Hugs & Kisses,

    Aunt Terri

  5. Hi Alison-GREAT to hear from YOU!!! Yes, you are perfect and I'm not kidding :) I am so happy to hear how good you are feeling and that you are out of ICU. You certainly did receive the best gift ever! However you are a gift to all of us along with your donor. Thoughts and prayers are of course with your donor in his recovery. I can't wait until I can give you a hug!! You are amazing and we love you. I will call Mommy tomorrow to see if you are up for a visit.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Auntie Robin and Uncle Mickey

  6. Hi Alison,
    So great to hear directly from you! You are doing a fabulous job, keep up the good work! I'm sure that walking etc. feels like work...

    You remain in the thoughts and prayers of the SHU Nursing Faculty.
    Shelley Hoskins

  7. YEA Alison!!!!! Keep up the tremendous job and give your mom and dad an extra hug from me. You are part of a truly amazing family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your donor.

  8. Way to go Alison.
    You are unbelievable. I love what your Aunt Terri wrote about having God as her date. That is so true, I am sure with alot of us.That was a perfect way to say it.
    I pray every night that each and everyday gets easier for you, your donor, and your family. Keep up your strength and continue to keep on truckin baby.
    Karen and Joe,
    We are here as you know for you guys. Lets chill by the chimanea!!!!!!! That time will come and we will be right there when it happens. You two are an inspiration. Hugs and kisses going your way. Love always, Sandi and Neal xxxo

  9. Good morning to all,
    Love Aunt Sandi xxxo