Friday, October 30, 2009

The start of a new day

Alison said this morning that last night went better than most, of course she kept us on our toes with her oxygen saturation levels lowering as she continued to fall into deeper levels of sleep throughout the night-she finally got a fairly good night's sleep though for the first time since we've been at the hospital. Alison remains on heparin, a blood thinner, for treatment of the blood clots. The dosage of this medication has had to be carefully watched and altered to maximize the therapeutic effect and get her the best result. She continues to deal with uncomfortable swelling and intermittent pain. Her incision sight has started to show signs of slight itching which is normal as the wound starts to heal. Alison is very proud of the fact that she removed almost all of the steri-strips from her incision (only possible because she is still numb over the incision, they most likely wouldn't have come off otherwise due to how sticky they were)-I guess the nursing skills are kicking in.

I visited with Alison's donor and his dad for a short time last night. Although we do not want to be intrusive, we just couldn't resist checking on him as we have been so worried. He is recuperating from his last surgery, one that after being discharged late Wednesday, brought him back by ambulance before he even reached home- from what we understand, this is his third major surgery in just 10 days-we are so, so sorry for all he has been through. I was just astonished at his positive attitude. With all he has endured, his concerns remain for Alison-he seems to see all of the complications he has suffered as "something" that just comes with the situation-he told me, "It's all worth it". I know he is an adult-actually well beyond his years, but the simple thought, "he is just an amazing kid" keeps ringing through my head.

Joe and I are so very grateful to his parents, we know the challenges of having your child in the hospital all too well and its effects on work and home; not to mention the unexpected costs, lack of sleep, emotional turmoil and just overall, disarray it brings to a family's life. We want them to know how very much we appreciate what their son has done but to know how deep our gratitude is to them as well.

It's early in the day but it is encouraging to see Alison feeling a bit better today and with positive thoughts. I think sharing with her how positive her donor is, is a true inspiration to her. He not only has given her a physical gift that hss saved her life but also shares his emotional strength for today and the days ahead.

Here's to a good day for Alison and her donor.

With hope and love,


  1. It astounds me of how the two of them are recuperating on the same path. Hopefully both will start seeing brighter days. Know that the prayers keep coming and the turning point has happened. Next stop home!!(for all)Everyone deserves some good days ahead.
    Sending hugs

  2. I am at a lost of words. The feelings and emotion every time I read the blog are undescribeable. Want you all to know you are in my prayers every day and hoping you will be home soon. Wishing you a peaceful and good nights rest. Don't let the bed bugs bite!!!!!With lots of love, care and good wishes,
    Aunt Sandi