Thursday, October 29, 2009

A very special day

On Wednesday at 6 p.m.

When we woke up this morning, it seemed like it would be another day of challenges to face. Alison had terrible stomach pain-hence, she could not eat or walk-it looked as if the "rollercoaster" had taken another dip. But the afternoon started to look brighter and then "the call" came, Alison's donor wanted to meet her-a brighter afternoon had now turned into a dream come true. As we anxiously awaited the meeting; Joe and I quietly sat with Alison. I think we were all at a loss for words-what do you possibly say to the young man who saved your daughter's life? And then, there he was being wheeled into the room with his parents by his side. This beautiful human being, who gave our daughter her life back and changed our family forever-was right here before us. As I looked at this young man and he at me, I felt a connection that is indescribable-very little words were needed-I knew that he could humbly see our gratitude and love. It was as if, through his eyes, he was telling me that this was what he was meant to do, that all would be "OK". Our meeting was brief, like those moments when you see your child for the very first time. We were elated, overwhelmed, grateful and filled with love for this person whom we had just met. As we talked with his parents, it was so easy to see why this young man, is the special person that he is. We hope that we will see him, see them again-there is so much more to share, so more much to say, but we want him to know that what is most important is what he wants for we have the utmost respect for his wishes.
With much love and admiration,
Karen and Joe and Alison

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