Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday morning update

10:40 a.m.
Alison had an "OK" night. Moving her every two hours is difficult for her-but she is really trying hard. The morning thus far has been tiring for her with changing her dressing again (ouch!!) and repositioning her again. The doctors are giving her a rest right now and will then attempt to get her up in a chair for the first time-we'll let you know how that goes. Aunt Terri and Aunt Kathie attended the healing mass at Christ the King this morning-thanks you guys. Many thanks to my co-worker, Stacey for having this mass said for Alison. Ultrasound was done, once again this morning and the new liver appears to be functioning well-just amazing!! We have not heard anything new about the donor, perhaps we will get an update when the transplant team rounds at 1 p.m. Joe and Stephen should be coming up soon. Jen is off to work today-I guess someone has to pay the bills(haha).
Love to all,


  1. Alison! So glad to hear you're doing well. Sorry you're in so much pain but I know how strong you are and you're going to make it through with flying colors. I'm praying every chance I get for you, the fam, and your donor. Since my brother is in seminary school, we had a whole prayer for you with his whole class so there are many people praying! You're so strong so just hang in there and remember how much we all love you!

  2. We are so happy to hear that Alison is doing well. Please tell her to stay strong and that we are continuing to pray for her.

    The Herndons

  3. I am so very happy to hear Alison is getting up soon. It is amazing how the body can heal it's self. Alison, your strong will and determination will get you through it. I am sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts .....I hope it helps. Love you lots....Aunt Marcia

  4. Yea Alison!! Keep up the great work.

  5. So glad to hear Alison is doing so well. I hope her Angel is doing just as well. We will keep the prayers coming for all of you.

    The Gil family

  6. Hi guys,
    So glad I was able to see you Alison. You are just amazing. Lying in bed with a lollipop in your mouth like nothing was ever done. You gave me a big smile and tears of joy came to my eyes. I have not seen you smile like that in a longggggggggggggg time. I couldn't believe how wonderful you look. I can't explain the way I felt. Just an unbelievable chill went down my entire spine and then a warm feeling up to my heart. Just so awesome. You are an inspiration to all. The road ahead I am sure will have some pot holes in them, but, with your perserverance soon the road will be newly paved.
    We love you and wishing you a quick recovery.
    Sleep well,
    Love Aunt Sandi and the rest of the gang.