Monday, October 19, 2009

The Worst is Over but we have a critical week ahead of us.

Dr. Emre came in to give us his final update of the night. He attached the bile ducts and they are working on closing her up. Dr. Emre gave is the impression that though the worst part is over but the most critical time is ahead of us. The next week will tell us what, if any, problems there may be with any complications with the transplantation. We will see Alison in the morning.
Thank you so much to the donor for his selfless life saving act. I can't wait to have my little sister back. Alison even acknowledged that she will be a terror this next 10 to 14 days but it's glad to have all of her back in our lives again.
I hope that the donor and his family knows that they are in our prayers and that they know I know almost exactly what he's going through and that I will him all my strength to get better as fast as possible.
Thank you to all of the prayers, thoughts, and messages for well wishes and a big thank you to all the friends and family who came to the hospital in support of Alison.
We're waiting now for Alison to come to the ICU. Mom and Dad will be staying the night and Jen and I will be going home to take care of the dogs and reenergize for tomorrow.
Thank you all again.


  1. Thank God for miracles. Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you and God bless the selfless young man who came forward to help Alison. Love The Noels from Maine

  2. We are praying for Alison and her donor and both families. We are so happy that the surgeries are over and will continue to pray for health and no complications! We are thinking of you guys.

  3. sending good thoughts and extra prayers for Alison and her donor and a few extra for good measure.

  4. Can not wait to actually talk to you guys. What a long and trying day to say the least. My prayers for everyone will continue. Thanks so much for keeping up with all the updates. Truely amazing what took place today. Miracles do happen. Love Sandi xxxo

  5. Prayers, thoughts and emotions have been with you all through this long day and also with the amazing young man and his family who has made this day a reality. I can't wait until I can give you all hugs and kisses. We love you all.
    Robin & Mickey

  6. Our family (and some team members, too) will continue to keep you all in our prayers. We pray particularly for Alison's healing and for the wonderful donor who stepped forward to make a difference in such an incredible young woman's life. The Galati Family

  7. We're so glad to hear that the surgery is over and all went well. You will all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers during the days ahead.
    Love, Mary

  8. Joe,
    Your friend from work Scott called yesterday and wanted to know he was thinking of all of you and wishing all the best.
    Love Sandi

  9. May God be with all of you especially Alison and this selfless young man who was an angel sent from above. We will continue to pray for their recovery and for the families to remain strong during this very important time. Trust me God is good.
    May God Bless You All
    The Gil Family