Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday morning update

The ultrasound was done around 12:00 a.m.-results around 2:30 indicated that no additional blood clots have formed but the blood clots that are there have expanded. The transplant doctors came in this morning around 9:30 a.m., they seem optomistic but indicated that they are looking to the vascular specialists who will be in today. They did start her on the blood thinner again, feeling that since the internal bleeding has stopped, it would be safe-it's definitely a balancing act. We would like to get Alison eating, up walking and perhaps showered today but the medications are making her nauseous-hopefully when the pharmacist and nutritionist come in, they will be able to give us some tips. The transplant team seems to feel that Alison still may be able to be discharged tomorrow unless the vascular specialist indicate otherwise. Will update when we know more.
Karen and Joe

P.S. We have met another family here who is from Rhode Island. Their 10 year old son, who was healthy 2 weeks ago is in acute liver failure. They just took him down for a transplant about an hour ago. As you can imagine, this family is totally overwhelmed and frightened. If our day goes well and Alison can be left for a bit, Joe and I will try to go down to the waiting room to support Ryan's parents, Pat and Connie-they did have some family here yesterday but it appears that they are here alone today. As we know that we have great "prayers" out there-we ask that you also pray for Ryan and his family.


  1. Please tell them that our prayers are with them. The best support they can have is someone who has been there. You guys are awesome!!

  2. Karen please send the family best wishes on behalf of ALF.

    Love, Marla

  3. What a journey this has become for all of you! Please know that we are following Allison's progress and holding all of you in our hearts with much love!

    Your friends,
    The Abbotts--Dolores, Tony, Jane and Lucy