Friday, October 23, 2009

Rollrcoaster of a day

Friday 11:00 p.m.

Sorry for such a late posting but the day has been very busy. The morning was pretty intense as the doctors continued to review the concerns with Alison's internal bleeding and her existing blood clots. They explained that their main concern was the bleeding and would have to stop the blood thinners that are needed for the clotting. They felt that, although the blood clots need close monitoring, the loss of blood was more of a priority. By mid-afternoon concerns were lightened a bit. Dr. Emre arrived and explained that he was confident in his diagnosis of where the bleeding was coming from. It is related to a particular area of the reconstructive surgery and felt that it should repair/heal itself in time. He and his transplant team will continue to watch her very closely but felt that her blood levels were starting to stabilize. This was very comforting news. Fluid retention continued to be very uncomfortable for Alison, however, Dr. Emre said that this is expected and will take time. Alison did walk for the first time today-it was so great to see her up. Late afternoon was stressful for Alison in that she had one drain and the central line in her neck removed-this was all pretty painful but she was strong and made it through. These are all steps in the right direction but stressful none the less. Dr. Emre allowed Alison to start on clear liquids today-yeah. If her condition remains stable, she may leave ICU tomorrow-yeah!! Needless to say, today was certainly "a rollercoaster ride" but we are cetainly trying to focus on her progress and achievements.

As each moment of each day passes, Alison's donor is on our minds and in our hearts. Dr. Emre shared that he was doing better today-we are so relieved as we have been so worried about him. Alhough his identity still remains a mystery, there is a part of us that feels as if we know him. You see, we prayed to God for so long to send him to us and as we watch our daughter peacefully sleep tonight, we pray that somehow he can feel our gratitude and love. We also pray for his mom and dad. We wish there was some way that we could relieve their stress-they must be so very proud of their amazing son.

Wishes to all for a restful night,
Joe and Karen


  1. So glad for the update. Sounds like things are going in the right direction. Walked today, How amazing especially with everthing she has going on. Can't even imagine. What a trooper.
    I am sure the donor just knowing that Alison is doing better is probably why his progression has gotten much better. It seems like they are working hand in hand.
    Our prayers continue to be with all of you.
    Love and hugs to everyone.
    Love Aunt Sandi xxxo

  2. Thanks for the update. Please know that the support and prayers of many are coming your way. Alison is making such great progress but her determination is definitely shining through. I hope the donor is aware of how much he is in our minds and hearts. While he may remain unknown to us he has carved a special spot in many of our hearts. I am hoping someday we will be able to thank him for his unshelfish act of kindness.
    I hope today brings more steps forward.
    Sending lots of hugs your way!!