Tuesday, November 24, 2009

another Tuesday morning update......

Tuesday, 10 a.m.

Alison had a challenging evening yesterday resulting in the doctors turning off her feeding tube. She asked for another x-ray to look at the placement of the tube and it appears that it is coiled in her stomach (she always seems to know when something is wrong). She is having a procedure today with Interventional Radiology to take a look at the drain in her lower abdomen-after that we will deal with the feeding tube. Her creatinine level is up to 5.1, however she is showing clinical signs of kidney recovery. The doctors are cautiously optomistic. Please pray for her continued strength, recovery of her kidneys and control of infection.

We spoke with John's mom last night. John seems to be doing well. With all that is going on with Alison, it is so comforting to know that John appears to truly be on the road to recovery. He is an amazing young man who has been through so much for our daughter, we just want for his recovery to go "full steam ahead" and for him to be back enjoying his senior year in college. We know that John's and his family's hearts ache over the difficulties that Alison is experiencing but we must not forget where we were prior to October 19th and continue to remember how grateful we are, because of John's amazing gift, for her to now have a strong and healthy liver. This renewed strength is what will get her through these current challenges.

We will update when we have more news.

Karen and Joe

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