Thursday, November 12, 2009

Procdures completed

Thursday, 10:00 p.m.

So, Alison visited with her Aunt Sharon and Aunt Terri this afternoon. She rose to the occasion-and enjoyed their company. Alison then went down for her procedures and had 1,800 cc's of fluid tapped from around her lungs and 1,300 from her abdomen. They did put a drain in her abdomen but it is not draining much so, hopefully it will come out tomorrow. Alison was pretty sleepy when she came out of the procedure. Stephen came in on the train, bus and taxi to visit with Alison tonight. Alison was kind of a silly patient while Stephen and Joe were here-a little loopy but also "under the weather" a little fever (not sure why), pain in her shoulder(probably referred pain from the fluid tap)and a high heart rate (152)-probably from the pain. All of this, except for the fever, has become the routine after a fluid tap but it is nonetheless, pretty challenging for Alison. Let's pray that she can get some sleep tonight and be in a much more comfortable state soon.
Here's to a quiet and uneventful night,
Karen and Joe

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