Monday, November 16, 2009

The start to a new week

Monday, 11 p.m.

The morning was busy with many specialists coming in to consult-this is often a frustrating process. Alison also had a visit from John and his mom. It was great to see them both. John had a follow up visit with good reports. It appears that he is truly on the road to recuperating-yeah!! Alison continues to have pain on her left side and lower abdomen. She received a visit from Karen, who is a massage therapist and reflexologist from the hospital's Dignity Project. She also had a nurse from the Project who did reike and guided imagery with her. It all seemed to be beneficial. Alison went for an ultrasound this afternoon. We just received the results, which indicate tht she now needs to go for a catscan tonight. She is now drinking contrast and will go for the actual test somewhere after midnight. This is a surprise and a bit concerning as the doctors felt it was something that cannot wait until morning and needs to be done tonight. We will try to update in the morning as soon as we have more information. Again, please pray for good results.
Good night,


  1. praying for good news. Hope you can get some rest tonight. I will call you tomorrow. Hang in there. Lots of hugs and kisses and prayers will continue.
    Love Aunt Sandi

  2. Thinking about you guys this morning and hope all went well with the testing last night. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Call you later.