Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, Monday......

Monday, 9:00 p.m.

So Alison awoke this morning not feeling well. She had pain in her chest again-our first thought was, "oh my gosh, here we go again!". A chest xray was ordered but all looked pretty good. As the day went on, the pain persisted but we thought that it was perhaps from the feeding tube. Alison seemed to be "dealing with it". Dr. Emre came in in the afternoon and said that he thought Alison may be able to go home tomorrow. We would get an ultrasound of her abdomen and remove the drains. If all went well and her bloodwork looks good in the morning, then off to home we will be going. The major concern at this point is Alison's nutritional status. She would go home with the feeding tube for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, at that point, she will be strong enough to just eat on her own. Well, after the ultrasound, Aunt Terri came to visit. The drains were then removed, which was pretty stressful for Alison but she survived.

We spoke to Dr. Cenera, President of Sacred Heart, tonight. He has been so wonderful to both Alison and John and to our families. His calls and concern are so comforting. We also spoke with John tonight. Although we have kept in close contact with his parents, we had not had many opportunities to speak with John directly. Hearing his voice was wonderful. He is back at school and sounding great. We talked about him taking it easy, a challenge for a young man eager to get back to his life but important none the less. We reminded John that we are just around the corner, we hope that he will call upon us if he needs us or feel free to visit if he wants-our home is his home.

Please pray that all looks good in the morning and that we will be homebound tomorrow.

Joe and Karen


  1. fingers and toes crossed and lots of prayers that all goes well today and Alison can go home. Sending lots of hugs

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