Thursday, November 12, 2009

Too much excitement for one day

7:50 a.m.
Alison had her catscan last night. The results show that she definitely has fluid in her abdomen and around her lungs. The doctors are deciding this morning whether they will tap the fluid or put in a drain. Alison continues to be in pain. With all that has occurred thus far, one would think that nothing could "throw us" at this point. But, how wrong we were. During the evening, we attempted to wake Alison. She was unresponsive! Needless to say, this was extremely frightening. The doctor that was in the room, left to get her attending physician. As I continued to scream Alison's name, so many thoughts ran through my head. Finally, a nurse was able to arouse her----seeing those beautiful blue eyes look up at me was the most wonderful site. The doctors do not have an explanation for what happened, hopefully it was an isolated incident. This was definitely too much excitement for one day-no, for a lifetime. The rest of the night went somewhat quiet, although, I have to admit that I woke Alison several times before feeling comfortable with letting go to sleep. This morning Alison is in pain again. Hopefully, decisions will be made to relieve her pain and move her forward.
I will try to update later today,
Karen (and Joe)


  1. keep remembering to breathe! Prayers are with you all.
    Sending lots of hugs

  2. I'm praying every day for everyone... you need to stop making me cry! I don't like it... I can't wait to see you when I get home. I love you and keep hanging in there.
    All my love