Monday, November 9, 2009

Back in the hospital

8:30 p.m. Monday

Both John and Alison had follow up appointments today. We crossed paths in the Transplant Center for only a few moments this morning. We were hoping that we would be able to spend a little time with John and his family but Alison's early morning appointment turned into a full day affair, ending in a hospital admission this evening. It turns out that Alison's potassium level was quite high, this is quite concerning as it can greatly effect her heart. Also, her prograf (anti-rejection medication) level was quite high which can have serious neurological effects. The attempts during the day, had minimal effect on the potassium level so the doctor's felt that it wasn't safe for Alison to go home. Alison is also having some very uncomfortable abdominal pain-we're not actually sure of the source but will hopefully get answers soon. So, here we are back in 7 West, in the exact same room. We have no clothes or other "necessities" like phone chargers (if you call and I don't answer, it probably means that my phone died) but we will make due. The good news is that Alison did get the feeding tube out today. It was actually malfunctioning early this morning, so they decided to remove it. John's condition also had its challenges today and he may need to come back up to Yale tomorrow. As much as we would love to see him and his family, I prayed in the chapel this afternoon that John's challenges will resolve and he and his mom will be able to stay home to rest and that his dad will be able to get back to work. Joe did get back to work today, hopefully he will be able to continue. Please join us in praying that both John's and Alison's roads to recovery will begin to get smoother.


  1. Two steps forward, three steps back. Dancing with the Stars has some serious competition here! Thankfully you guys are always in the right place at the right name. Faith is testing all of us right now, but God is walking along side you and keeping everyone on their toes. Stay strong, keep the faith and know we are all here praying for the three steps forward and two steps back.

    I hope John and his family know that they are also in our daily prayers and hope that his challenges will begin to subside soon.

  2. So sorry to hear you are back in the hospital. I guess that is why they have many appts, after this surgery. Good thing, once again, you were there and not at home while all the levels were going crazy and something happenend to you. So greatful for that. This way is safer even though I am sure you would love to be home. That time will come again. But in the mean time try and have patience, and let everything fall in the right place. Our prayers and strength for you, your family, John and his family will continue. Hang in there Alison. Continue to be strong and as always a fighter.
    Love Aunt Sandi