Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomorrow is a new day

Today has continued to be a rough one for Alison. The abdominal pain caused by the medication (kayexalate)that brought Alison's potassium level down has certainly been a blessing and a curse. It was critical to get the potassium down and thank God, that was achieved with the medication but the abdominal pain has been intense.
Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.

We're not sure if her body has had a more difficult time with it due to her crohn's disease but we do know that it has been almost unbearable. The pain service came in and they have started Alison on a new pain medication, hopefully relief will come soon. Alison's prograf level has come down but is still too high for her to go home.

I spoke to John's dad and mom today and it sounds as if John had a good day. That news truly made this day bearable. John's mom also shared with me that when they had difficult days, it was helpful to remember that "tomorrow is a new day". That was helpful as sometimes when we're in the midst of our challenges, it's easy to forget that "this too shall pass". I pray that the night will go quickly and that Alison's pain relief and spirit will rise along with the morning sun.

Here's to a new day,
Karen (& Joe, too!)

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  1. Hi Karen & Family,
    That is a good mantra "Tomorrow is a new day".
    Hope things get better soon. Alison, John and both families are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Big hugs,