Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yesterday and Today

So, this is the second attempt at writing this post. The first one did not go through. Yesterday was up and down. Stephen was with us for the day, that was certainly one of the "ups". Alison also had an ultrasound of her liver yesterday. While she was having the test, she sent a text to John that said, "I am having an ultraound of OUR liver". That just brought tears to my eyes, and again as I write this----this is such an amazing and often overwhelming journey that we continue to live along with John and his family. Last night was "one of those nights". Alison had challenges with her breathing and we ended up with a number of doctors, nurses including the ICU staff in her room. They did an EKG and all looked fine. Doctors are pretty sure that the frightening incident when we could not get Alison to respond and the challenges of last night, are due to the pain medications. We are actually relieved that we may have an explanation and will be talking with the doctors about a plan to go forward.

This morning we had many doctors come in; liver surgeons, hepatologist, infectious disease, pain service and renal specialt. We know that Alison has sustained injury to her kidneys, which has been quite concerning. The renal attending did tell us today though that she is confident that Alison's kidneys will recover and is happy about her numbers today. Alison is still having abdominal pain but will hopefully find relief soon.

Auntie Dawn came to visit today. Alison, Joe and I enjoyed her visit-Alison loved the gift from Auntie Dawn's friend as well as the beautiful pink rose from Auntie Dawn. It was great for all of us to see her and chat.

Here's to a weekend that will only get better as each hour passes.

Karen & Joe


  1. Thinking of you on this rainy day. I hope things are better today and a good plan gets into place for Alison. Know that all the thoughts and prayers are coming your way. I'm looking forward to having a cup of tea with you soon. Sending lots of hugs!!

  2. Sounds as if things are sounding a bit better. I hope tonight is a better one and you guys can get some much needed rest. Sami has a family Mass tomorrow morning and we will cetainly send many prayers to the Man upstairs.

    I will come up tomorrow and hope to see you all in a little better spirits. God bless.