Saturday, November 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Saturday, November 7th

Sorry it's taken so long to update. It is wonderful to be home, especially now that we know that John and his family are home, too!!!! I spoke to John's mom this morning, she was making pancakes (what a nice mom) and chuckled as one was shaped just like a liver-perhaps, God was reminding us to enjoy the "lighter" moments in life-what a great sense of humor He must have. Stephen and John met yesterday, now our families, together, are complete. It seemed as if John and Stephen were immediately comfortable talking-I was not surprised as that is how it's been for all of us-there has truly been divine intervention each step of the way. When we left John's room, Stephen turned to me and said, "Mom, I feel like I've known them, they look so familiar to me". I couldn't believe it, that is how each one of us has felt. We will miss seeing John and his family each day but are sooooooo very happy that he is home safe and sound. His mom said that he had a pretty good night-we are so relieved, he has been through so much. Hopefully, the rest of the weekend will be relaxing and uneventful.

Coming home Wednesday night was a bit overwhelming for us. As we attempted to get the feeding pump up and running, it was in Hungarian-after a consultation call to the medical company-we were able to get the pump back to english-what a relief!! Alison had a rough couple of nights and then a very full day back at Yale yesterday. The day started with bloodwork at 8:30 a.m, appointment with Dr. Emre, albumin infusion and then a fluid infusion (they determined that Alison was dehydrated) and finally off to the pain doctors-after stopping at the pharmacy, we arrived home at 5:45 p.m.-what a day!! Stephen accompanied us for the day, and was such a great help and support. Since the transplant center won't allow us to stay with Alison for her infusions, we were able to visit John and then had lunch together in the hospital cafeteria. Lunch with my son was such a nice treat, even if at the hospital-having one-to-one time to catch up with him was so special.

Today has gone well, so far. Alison's pain seems to be pretty much under control. She is up in the recliner watching movies with Jen giving her a pedicure. Jen says she will be taking appoinments in the near future (haha).

I have to say, since we've been home, I have had flashbacks to the days when I brought my babies home from the hospital. Unpacking, getting settled, figuring out a feeding schedule, flower deliveries, family and friends dropping by with meals (what a Godsend that has been) and visiting, checking on my "baby" when she sleeps and trying to fulfill her needs and keep her comfortable and content. I guess in a way, all the similarities are not surprising...after all, our "baby" has started a new life; reborn in a sense. How blessed are we to experience the miracle of life for a second time? We send our love to John; we hope your day is going well, honey.

Much love,
Karen and Joe, too!


  1. Glad to see everyone is home safe and sound. Thanks for the update, I was hoping Alison's day went well with the doctors. Now it's time to take a deep breath and continue to count our blessings. Hope the weekend is free of any crisis and you enjoy this wonderful fall weather.
    Sending hugs

  2. I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing well! It makes me feel like all of our prayers have finally been answered!!!! Keep plugging along, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! love you all

  3. We are friends of Johns family and just wanted to let you know how happy we are to hear that both of you are home! Ever since we heard about your ordeal, my family and I have been in a constant prayer vigil! Our thoughts and prayers have always been with both of your families. Heres to nothing but good news from now on!

  4. Hey Alison - So glad that they have the pain under control for you! So happy to hear that John is home as well! Continue to feel better and enjoy this great weather. It was sent especially for you and John from up above! He is watching you guys and doing a great job ... if I do say so myself! :) Cindy and Alyssa